Pioneering Cork Technology

As an integral part of a vertically-integrated international company, Amorim Cork America provides the world’s latest cork technology and product innovations. Recent innovations include the NDtech individualized quality control screening technology, that provides the world’s first natural cork with a non-detectable TCA guarantee.* These corks are Amorim’s top-end natural cork stoppers used by some of the world’s most valuable wine brands. NDtech is also the only technology of its kind with 3rd party independent validation.

* releasable TCA content below the 0.5 ng/L quantification limit; analysis performed in accordance to ISO 20752.

Another major recent innovation is the game changing Helix stopper, that does away with the need for a corkscrew and can be opened and closed with a simple twist. Developed as a joint venture between Amorim and O-I – the world’s leading glass-packaging maker - Helix has been valued as one of the greatest wine packaging innovations of the twenty-first century – and to date has garnered seven major international awards.

Quality Control Standards

At Amorim, market leadership means greater responsibility, ensuring that clients products reach customers carrying the highest standards in the industry. Over recent years the Amorim group has invested significant resources in Research and Development, proprietary curative processes and quality control techniques. We stand at the forefront of technological developments in the cork industry.

Proprietary techniques include:

• the ROSA® system which uses controlled steam to help reduce traces of TCA in the wine corks.

• the INOS® exclusive hydrodynamic cleaning process, which uses the unique honeycomb structure of the cork to deep clean the lenticels, that are in contact with the wine.

• the CONVEX® boiling system, which prevents cross-contamination and produces a drier, cleaner cork for processing,

These techniques are complemented by state of the art gas chromatography testing, which can now be applied on an individual basis via the NDtech individualized screening technology. Currently available on a limited basis in our natural corks and sparkling closures.

Amorim Cork America reinforces these quality control measures via its own technical services department, which provides customized consulting services to each customer. The company is a founding member of the Cork Quality Council (CQC). At Amorim, we uphold the most stringent TCA handling protocol in the industry and our overall quality control standards follow the standards that the CQC establishes from its members including testing in-house and ETS Labs for external validation.